HERmd provides women with comprehensive healthcare. From gynecology and menopause to sexual medicine and medical aesthetics, our female-focused centers provide a safe, trusted space for you to address all of your needs, no matter how personal.


We’re proud to accept all major medical insurance plans and Medicare. We allocate more time to each patient visit, including 60 minutes for all new patient consultations to ensure your most intimate issues are heard and addressed. 

Founded by Dr. Somi Javaid, a recognized thought leader and pioneer in women’s sexual health, we understand the unique challenges modern women face when it comes to optimizing their health and appearance.We strive to make every patient’s experience remarkable. Within our warm and welcoming centers, you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment, cutting edge procedures and knowledgeable staff who will keep you feeling and looking your best.

You deserve a women’s wellness team, led by a board certified physician, that listens to your concerns, respects your lifestyle choices and puts your health first. 


There are approximately 60 million menopausal patients and approximately 40% of women suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction. Yet, women’s healthcare continues to lag due to under-representation in clinical research trials and lower allocation of research & development dollars. HERmd strives to close the gender gap through research, advocacy and training. It’s time for better women’s healthcare. It’s time for HERmd.



Women’s sexual health has long been ignored, and there has been a real lack of information and treatment options – until now. Sexual health patients are complex, and require a multi-step approach – but it’s hard for women to find all the specialists they need easily. HERmd provides women with access to experts in the field of sexual medicine, including gynecology, oncology, urogynecology, pelvic floor physical therapy and sexual health counseling.

HERmd centers give women a place to go with their sexual health concerns to be able to ask questions, seek treatment and therapy, and to do so with providers who take insurance.




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Your gynecological wellness is essential to living a full and rich life. We partner with you to achieve gynecological health that allows you to feel your best each day, and to experience all that life has to offer. We are pleased to offer a variety of minimally invasive in-office procedures that can improve your quality of life.


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Transitions can be tough. When your body is involved, the road can be even bumpier. We’ll get you on the path to feeling and looking your best as you reach menopause and beyond. We take the time to educate you and, with your input, develop a unique treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns.

Sexual Health

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Women’s sexual health has long been ignored and there has been a real lack of information and treatment options – until now. Women from all walks of life, young and old, post-menopausal, cancer survivors, women from different sexual orientations, religion, race – all have sexual health concerns, but many suffer in silence.

Medical Spa

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The range of medical aesthetic services and products offered at Somi Javaid, M.D. and Associates are designed to enhance your natural beauty and reduce the signs of aging. Our non- to minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures are fast, safe and effective, and they deliver dramatic results.


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CoolSculpting, in which fat is frozen away, taking inches off stubborn areas such as thighs, chins, underarm and so much more. There is no surgery, no downtime and it’s more comfortable than other body shaping procedures – not to mention more affordable.


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HERmd’s telemedicine solution allows you to schedule virtual visits with physicians specializing in gynecology, menopause, and sexual health, all from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our physicians can see BOTH existing and new patients across all 50 states.