Tuesday, November 24th
7:30pm EST
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Your skin will THANK us later! Anti-aging and how to care for it. Join Skincare experts Lexi and Madi for a tell-all event about anti-aging.

Fun fact: Skin is our largest organ, and just as we take care of the rest of our organs by exercising and eating healthy, we also need to take care of our skin. Skin health doesn’t start when we begin to see wrinkles, sunspots and other imperfections, but way before they even appear. Prevention is ultimately the key weapon in the fight against the unwanted signs of aging. However, we often forget this when we are young because our skin still looks flawless. Then once those aging signs start to form, we are forced to try and reverse or treat them. We are being reactive when we need to be proactive about our anti-aging skin care. Giving your skin attention now will pay off in the long run.


*Attendees will have the chance to win a $25 spa gift card!

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