HERmd provides women with comprehensive health care. From gynecology and menopause to sexual medicine and medical aesthetics, our female-focused centers provide a safe, trusted space for you to address all of your needs, no matter how personal.

We’ve created the HERmd membership program designed around your needs. We accept most insurance and with your membership we offer you a more convenient, patient-driven experience – all for just $99 per year.

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From gynecology to sexual health, menopause, medical aesthetics and weight management the team at HERmd is focused on female-first healthcare.

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Membership costs only $99 per year.



43% of women suffer from some type of female sexual dysfunction, yet many suffer in silence – afraid to talk about their issues, dismissed by their doctors, or unable to find a provider trained in sexual health. At HERmd we educate women and help them understand their treatment options.


There are currently 26 FDA approved drugs for male sexual dysfunction and only 2 for women. Through research, education, and ensuring we are all having the conversation about women’s sexual health we can advocate for women and close this gender gap in sexual healthcare.


At HERmd women are heard. We listen to their concerns, their symptoms, and we work with them to develop a treatment plan that empowers them to reclaim their sexual health.

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