Blake Murnane

Front Desk Receptionist

Blake is from Northern Kentucky where she attended Morehead State University for her first two years of her undergraduate studies before transferring to Northern Kentucky University to further study Art. Blake graduated from the School of the Arts at Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts with a Minor in Marketing, and furthermore achieved an Area of Focus in Communications.

Blake has dedicated herself to customer service for the past seven years. She is the first lady at HerMD you will see when you enter and leave the facility! She takes pride in ensuring customers feel confident and secure about their relationship with HerMD. Blake admires HerMD’s mission and the impact the team has made on changing the outdated system for women’s health and wellness. You can find Blake any day of the week at HerMD and more than likely at a Target store near you. She loves everything and anything between shopping in the mornings, baking, and trying new restaurants She has an acute sense of wanderlust and enjoys long walks that take you anywhere with a sunset. Blake is waiting at the door to meet you with a big smile and an even bigger heart.